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Change tHe MuSiC - Oct 21, 2014

‘Change the music’ –

Psychotherapy and microtubule vibrations

October 21, 2014


Commentary on: Lane et al, Memory reconsolidation, emotional arousal and the process of change in psychotherapy: New insights from brain science


Letter to the TED-itors" Apr 18, 2013

"Letter to the TED-itors", Huffington Post, April 18, 2013


Dear TED, Is It 'Bad Science' or a 'Game of Thrones'?

By Deepak Chopra, MD. FACP, Stuart Hameroff, MD, Menas C. Kafatos, Ph.D., Rudolph E. Tanzi, Ph.D., and Neil Theise, MD


Debate with Christof Koch in Sci-Con Review, 2004

Christof Koch - Heading in the wrong direction


I wrote a review of Christof Koch's book, The quest for consciousness, which appeared in the November (2) issue 2004  of;  Christof replied to my critique, with his response appearing in the December (2) issue.  In turn, I have responded to Christof's reply, though my response has not yet appeared.  


All 3 pieces are included here.



Hackery/Quackery in Scientific American - 2005

An essay in the January 2005 Scientific American by professional skeptic Michael Shermer criticizes the surprise hit film - What the #$*! Do We Know? ("Whatthebleep?") -   and the scientific underpinnings of quantum consciousness, namely the Penrose-Hameroff model.


I wrote a reply but thus far at least Scientific American has turned a deaf ear. Here are Shermer's piece and my response.



Quantum Quackery

Michael Shermer, Scientific American 292(1):234 2005


The Good, the Bad & the Octopus - 2007

   “The Good, the Bad and the Octopus”

     Conference Report: ASSC 11 in Las Vegas, 2007

   (Forthcoming, Journal of Consciousness Studies)

The Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness (“ASSC”) held its 11th annual meeting June 22-25 at The Imperial Palace Hotel on “The Strip” in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was a landmark event for ASSC which bid goodbye to Patrick Wilken, its workaholic major domo (now at Elsevier Publishing), and seemed to cement relations with The Mind Science Foundation, a Texas-based philanthropic group.


Turning consciousness upside down: Magic mushrooms and the fractal brain hierarchy - 2012

Turning consciousness upside down: Magic mushrooms and the fractal brain hierarchy

Comments on the paper by Carhart-Harris et al (2012) which turns turns conventional wisdom about the brain and consciousness upside down.    

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The Paper:


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